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dimanche 7 novembre 2010

L'humour du Bouddha et l'offenseur offensé

Bouddha souriant, Angkor

"He [Buddha] had a fine sense of humour. Once when he was asked how a drop of water could be prevented from drying up, he cheerfully replied : "By throwing it into the sea.
On another occasion, when a yogi on a riverbank told him that after many years of rigorous austerities he had learned to walk on water, Buddha replied, "What a pity to have spent so much effort - a little further on they will take you across the river for a small coin."
And when he was once abused by a young man, Buddha asked him, "Son, if a man declined to accept a present made to him, to whom would it belong ?" The man answered : "In that case it would belong to the man who offered it." And Buddha said : "My son, thou has railed at me, but I decline to accept thy abuse, and request thee to keep it thyself." As the youth remained silent, Buddha continued : "A wicked man who reproaches a virtuous one si like one who looks up and spits at the sky ; the spittle soils not the sky, but comes back and defiles his own person... The virtuous man cannot be hurt and the misery that the other would inflict recoils on himself."

Source : Abraham Eraly, Gem in the lotus, Phoenix, p. 220

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